Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My thoughts on thrifting

Hey guys!

Below are the reasons I love to thrift, some thrifting tips, and thrifted outfits.


I enjoy thrifting for four reasons:

1) The prices are cheap and I can buy more for less and still get good quality.

2) I love vintage clothes and accessories.

3) The thrift stores I go to use the money I spend to help people in need such as local cancer foundations, shelters for abused women/children and homeless.... Fashion is often thought of as a vain. I really like to turn my drive for styles into a positive. If I am going to spend money buying something I don't need...but rather want....better it benefit someone in in actual need.

4) I like to hunt for fashion finds that know one else will be wearing.

Thrifting Tips

1) Don't expect to find great items every time. Thrifting is a hobby. I have gone places and found nothing....I have also gone places and found great things.

2) Look through everything. That's how you will find the diamond in rough.

3) Take advantage of donating old clothes for discounts on new purchases.

4) Go thrifting with your friends is fun to laugh about the crazy things you find wil shopping.

Thrifted outfits:

So this I found this awesome studded cardigan and plain white Tee at Goodwill. I paired it with dark washed shorts and leggings...and lots of edgy pieces of silver bling.

This was a great find! This black mens styled blazer and mens Harley Davidson shirt. I am obsessed with Harley shirts. I found both at Savers. I paired this look with studded shorts, black tights, with my motorcycle boots and socks.

I found these black and white printed jeans and long sleeve black over sized top from Savers. I added my statement long necklace and my old Doc Martin's.